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  • Leri Belbyn

    Leri loves trying new things and is very trusting of other people she's just met. Able to be bribed with shiny objects (excluding money) and pastries. Optimistic and energetic; doesn't like people to be sad. Will emphasize the shit out of anyone who cries …

  • Relona Amarallis

    Lona is a calm and collected woman who hails from Jareera. She's usually fine until pressed about her past, then she's the walking embodiment of snark and crankiness. Awfully coquettish but also iffy with personal space unless she's in an agreeable state.

  • Maxine Anderson

    21 || 5'7" || female || Aries || ESTP || neutral good Devout worshiper of Pelor. People-orientated. Extrovert. Friendly and outgoing. Straight-forward. Does not value rules of the establishment, especially if they're unethical. Loves a clear sunny day.

  • Redna Xela

    Hailing from the modest lands of Gael'tera, Redna is an easygoing man. He travels to keep his sights fresh, and he spends his leisure time mostly studying up on magicks, but every once in a while he'll head up to the local tavern for a drink or two... or …

  • Lunis

    Hailing from the capital city, Lunis, a novice paladin of the Order, has been tasked with seeking out and putting an end to evil. GEN INFO - Age 75 (Adolescent) - Full Elf - Male (He/Him) - Paladin - Naive and rash - Lawful Good - Will do whatever …

  • Vesper Avelin

    Vesper "Ves" Avelin | 38 y.o. | Male | Half-Elf | 5'9" | 154 lbs. | Chaotic Good | July 23 ♌ + Charismatic + Quick-witted + Cultured + "Confident" = Deceptive = Flirtatious = Protective - Possessive - Materialistic - Insincere A half-elf hailing …

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