Redna Xela




Hailing from the modest lands of Gael’tera, Redna is an easygoing man. He travels to keep his sights fresh, and he spends his leisure time mostly studying up on magicks, but every once in a while he’ll head up to the local tavern for a drink or two… or three. He generally doesn’t like helping others other than himself, unless there is some sort of incentive, like money. Carries an assortment of books with him. He wishes he had a horse to ride while in battle. A proud scholar, and despises ignorance. Generally pretty secretive/reserved, unless it’s someone he trusts.

He has glass bones and paper ribs. Every morning he gets up and breaks 12 bones. (He sucks at taking hits)

Has an alias/pseudonym named Alex Ander

Usually is in a neutral mood, and only on rare occasion be in a good one.

Redna Xela

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