Tower Of Fire

Dolaris - The Adventure Begins.

The party met in the city of Dolaris, in the heart and soul of the town, Dol’s tavern. It didn’t have any name to it, because everyone knew it by the name of the bartender, who was famous around the town. Everyone lived in relative peace with one another, or so it seemed.

The only strange part was the massive coliseum that the whole town seem captivated by.

Leri had procured a book from this young lady who went by the name of Potupoh. The book described several myths about the forest that surrounded the town, and the monsters that lurked within.

A group of guards appeared to arrest the owner of this book, claiming it was stolen. The party managed to bribe themselves away from getting arrested, and spent the night at Dol’s tavern.

The next morning, Sunday morning, they realized that the inn was deadly quiet and empty, save for Dol who seemed to be drinking pretty heavily for so early in the morning.

Going outside, the group heard uproaring cheers and realized that everyone was at the coliseum. Once they arrived at the coliseum, they realized that in the center of the ring was Potupoh, a massive lion, and Oecriao, Bartender Dol’s husband.


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