The Prophecy of Seven

Prophecy_Aesthetic2.jpgThere are seven stars in the sky,
That have fallen to the earth.
When darkness seeps over the land,
And the sun once again turns black,
The seven will rise and take command.
But only through death will you find your way.
The first one will be golden.
The shine that will blind you in its radiance.
Through trial and treachery,
A heart upon the sleeve.
That will be shot through.

One will live twice.
Born shrouded in light.
Dead in the eclipse
A darkness resides within,
Threatening to spill out.

The snake slithers through the rest,
Waiting each day for the end.
It goes its own way,
Focused only ahead.

The moon closes over the final dawn.
An angel rises out of the dusk.
The white stallion will grow,
As its hide turns to grey,
Withering away.

Fire and brimstone,
Death and life,
Creation and Destruction.
Forged out of a deal made millennia ago
One rises to life

Morality always begs the question:
What is too much?
In the murky grey,
Lurking and waiting,
Striving for the Light.

A deer lurks among the rest
Watching and waiting
Ready to leave,
Ready to end.
Waiting for the mend,
They’ll find it.
Consumed by Darkness until the end.

Returning once again.
Consuming once again.
Only the power within them
Gathered together by a raging storm
Before the seventh red sun
They must defeat it.
Not only the darkness of the earth.
But the darkness within.

The Prophecy of Seven

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