Tower Of Fire

Dolaris - The Entrance to Hell

The party immediately jumped into the fray, refusing to let this atrocity stand. They aided Oecriao and Potupoh in escaping from the arena, much to the annoyance of the overall towns people. The group, with Kierra at the head, chased down the “Lord Seyjoo” of the town and threatened him for the truth.

The man claimed he didn’t really think it was all that terrible, Kierra continued to intimidate him for answers. In the end, he said something about the woods before scampering away. The party returned to Dol’s Tavern, needing a good night’s rest. They were greeted by the much happier bartender, who thanked them for saving his husband’s life. The party retreated downstairs to sleep. They also met up with a half-elven bard named Vesper.

The next morning they were awoken by the sounds of shouting and loud tramping feet upstairs. When they all went upstairs, they were confronted by the town’s guards. They were all under arrest, even the newcomer Vesper, who wasn’t even involved in the situation and was rather put-out to be associated to this. Maxine heavily protested this, much to the annoyance of the guards. But, they were unable to evade arrest again, and they went with them. The character spent days in the jail, with Maxine stuck away from the rest in solitary confinement. She, Ves, and Leri however, disocvered that they could whisper to each other through a crack in the wall. Meanwhile, Leri also discovered some loose stones in the wall and worked to pulling the stone out. She subsequently managed to wiggle herself out of a small hole she made.

Once out, she suddenly saw something terrifying down the street. An undead monster, slowly walking towards her. Without her bow, she was unable to defend herself and just started punching it. Soon after this moment, Maxine grew fed up with her solitary cell, and still had her mace, and bashed it repeatedly against the wall until it broke.

They managed to get everyone else out, and they realized that the town that was usually full of loud laughter and noises was now suddenly deathly silent. But once they started moving, creeping through the grasses behind the jailhouse, everything seemed to come back in a rush, as if it were never quiet, talking and laughter racing out once again.

The party went to the marketplace, wary but famished. This was when they met a Paladin, staying in the town of Dolaris to help keep the peace. The Paladin recognized them as wanted for arrest, and immediately set upon arresting them again. While this young Elven Paladin attempted to do so, a half-elven sorcerer appeared and stole a pastry from Leri.

There was a few roudabout fights going on, with Lunis the Paladin trying not only to arrest the party, but also the pastry-thief Relona. Luckily, however, the party managed to convince both of them that they were not their enemies. After, of course, a large fight with several town guards.

This was when the party decided they needed to discover the root of the problem, in the West Dolarian Forest.


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