The land of Fralon is in grave danger. The northern kingdom of Algaria shut it borders off a hundred years ago. No one has, so it’s been said, been in or out of that country since then. Any who try have disappeared. The country cut off all trade, and drew in on itself. Silence reigned up north. No one knew what was going on.

Fifty years ago, there was a bright flash in the sky, arcing across the world. The great black tower that had risen into the sky in the heart of Algaria was suddenly engulfed in green flames, rising high into the sky.

People have begun sneaking across the border, determined to find out what it was. No one has come back.

Darkness is spreading over the land, in people’s hearts, throughout communities. The depth of corruption is only just starting to be realized around the world.

Tower Of Fire

tomatoamante Daenarii